Writing: Reviewing & Editing – show notes 28/12/16

In our second segment, we take a look at what the process is once you’ve finished writing the first draft of your book.

Remember to celebrate finishing your book before you make a start on these!


Put it away for a few weeks
Give yourself a break, and let it ferment

  •  Use this time to check any research gaps
  • If you’ve still got the urge to write, why not start plotting and drafting the next one?

Time to review

  • Save your book as a new version
  • Run through it and fill in those research gaps
  • Make sure you have page numbers at the top or bottom of each page
  • Print out your book double-spaced – it gives you extra room to scribble in the margins
  • Arm yourself with some highlighter pens, a red pen, some coloured sticky notes and a notepad
    • Read it as a reader first.
    • Highlight parts that don’t make sense
    • Flag any pages where you still have gaps to fill, for example half-finished scenes
    • Cross out any text that is no longer required
    • Use your notebook to keep a “To Do” list
  • Repeat this process once you’ve taken in all your changes from the first review.

Let it go

It sometimes takes more than one read-through to complete your review process, but at some point, you’re going to have to let it go

  • Pass to two trusted friends and ask them to read and make notes of anything that doesn’t make sense (these are known as “beta readers”)
  • Chew nails while waiting for their response, or eat cake. Lots of cake.

Review their comments

It’s the same as your own review process

  • BUT REMEMBER you don’t have to change everything your beta readers suggest – it is YOUR novel
  • However, you want to ensure you clarify any questions they pose, such as “why did that person say that?”  “Why did he go there?” – these are important.

If your intention is to publish, then you’ll need a professional editor

  • Look on the Queensland Writers Centre and Editors Queensland websites
  • Ask other authors who they use
  • Find an editor who has worked on stories similar to yours
  • Read the contract carefully
  • Work with the editor to polish your manuscript to within an inch of its (and your!) life.

That’s it – you’re ready to publish!

Here are some books I’d recommend from my own bookshelf about the editing process:

Editing Made Easy, by Bruce Kaplan

The Story Grid, by Shawn Coyne


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