Writing: Getting Published – show notes 29/12/16

In the third of our series of writing advice to get you started, we take a look at the publishing options available to you.

Please do make a note of the Golden Rules listed at the end, as these are really important.

There are cu
rrently two main options for getting your book to market, and both are worth investigating:

Traditional publishing

  • Only pitch once you have a complete book, and have had it professionally edited
  • Typically through a literary agent
  • There are a lot of small publishing imprints that are open to direct submissions
  • Research online and only pitch to those relevant to the sort of book you’ve written
  • Some publishers here in Australia offer once a month online submission days – check their websites for details
  • Don’t limit yourself to approaching Australian-based agents and publishers – there are many more in the UK and USA.
  • If you get a contract, do bear in mind that although the publisher will do some marketing, they don’t have huge budgets for this, so you will be responsible for most of it

Indie publishing

  • You publish and market the book yourself
  • Great if you don’t mind a steep learning curve!
  • Highly recommend joining the Alliance of Independent Authors, as there is a lot of information available on their blog about publishing, as well as discounts and special offers to help with your production costs
  • You’re responsible for hiring a proof-reader and cover designer, and for creating the eBook and paperback files
  • You upload the eBook to retailers, or an aggregator such as Draft 2 Digital that will then link to the eBook retailers on your behalf for a small percentage of your royalties
  • Tip: don’t pay for large print runs. Instead, choose a “print on demand” option (the most popular are Ingram Spark or CreateSpace) which means that books are printed as they are required – either by online retailers, or you can order paperbacks for yourself for book signings or to give to friends and family
  • You do ALL the marketing. No marketing = no sales.


Never, ever pay anyone to publish your book.


Always read any contract carefully. If you’re unsure, contact the Australian Society of Authors who offer several services to authors, including contract reviews.​


As always, here are some books from my shelves that I think you’ll find useful with regard to your publishing choices:

From Pitch to Publication, by Carole Blake

Business for Authors, by Joanna Penn

Between the Lines: A Legal Guide for Writers & Illustrators, Lynne Spender


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