3 Superb Ways to Find Time to Write – Without Upsetting Your Family and Friends

So, you’ve just announced to your nearest and dearest that you intend to spend Saturday morning writing, and their groans have resonated around the room. They were planning to go shopping / go to the movies / catch up for lunch with [x] / visit that [insert place] they’ve heard so much about (delete as appropriate). And they really, honestly, can’t do it without you.

And if you insist on writing instead, well then they’re just going to do the vacuuming around your feet.

Or re-tune the motorbike.

Or play on the drum kit. The one without the headphones.

It’s all a balancing act, isn’t it? You want to write, but you’ve got to keep everyone happy (including yourself) at the same time. How to do this?

1  Get Up Early


Yes, bet you read that one twice.

But it’s true – set your alarm clock for 30-40 minutes before you really need to, and get writing. Don’t worry about having a shower first. Don’t mess about on social media. Either get on the computer and bash those words out, or start scribbling in that notebook.

Those 40 minutes are yours. Use them wisely.


2. Stay at Work Late

Same reaction, right?

Here’s the trick, though. Don’t sit at your desk.

Because you know what will happen, don’t you? That’s right, people will think you’re staying for them. You’re not.

Find a meeting room or a quiet desk, get your head down and write. Again, you only need to stay for 30 minutes if that’s all you can spare.

BONUS TIP: If you can’t stay at work late, write in your lunchbreak. (You’ll save money with this one too – yay!)

3. Use Public Transport

Photo (c) [Duncan], Flickr

That journey into work by train or bus? Valuable writing time.Too noisy? Put your headphones in, put some non-distracting music on (classical, trance, whatever works for you) and tune out the world around you.Drive to work? Use the hands-free option on your smart phone and use it for dictation. You can type it up later.
And, by the time you reach the weekend, you’ll have progressed your WIP.  Well done. 

Now, go and see that movie.

How do you find time to write? Do any of the above tips work for you already? Will you be trying one of these tips?

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