10 Writing Tips from the Pros

Waiting to write – Angie Garrett

It’s always fun getting together with a bunch of other writers and Genrecon 2013 was no exception. Held in my home city of Brisbane this year, Genrecon closed out Queensland Writers Week with a bang.

It amazes me that writers talk so much – it’s any wonder we get words down onto paper!


Often it’s the conversations in between the workshops and seminars which provide the best advice, and so rather than concentrate on one particular seminar, I thought I’d share here with you the tips and tricks I took away from this year’s get-together in Brisbane.

Some of these you might have heard before, but there’s no harm in having a reminder here, so in no particular order:

  • Always have work ‘out there’
  • Make sure you use the five senses in your writing
  • Plotting out your novel before you make a start speeds you up
  • Push yourself to hit a word quota – even if it’s only 200 words.
    You’ll find you’ll go over the quota more times than not
  • Character development is shown best through action, dialogue and
  • Sometimes your character’s goals will be false goals – those of others. The goal of your character will be different to the story, i.e. the character discovers the goal as the story develops
  • Put your character under pressure. How they react to handle the situation is an important part of the character arc
  • Don’t “information dump” your research into your story
  • Get your reader emotionally involved in the story
  • You can fix a bad page, not a blank page

Thanks to all the authors who shared their wit and wisdom over the weekend

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