10 screenwriting rules for novelists

On Saturday, I spent the day in a screenwriting workshop  with Cathy Overett, producer of Iron Sky and Separation City.

I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a little while now, but I’m always interested in how other aspects of writing can enhance my ‘normal’ thriller ventures as well.

At the end of the day, the Hero’s Journey relates to all stories, no matter how they are told. The following are a few of the screenwriting tips that Cathy shared which I believe should also be considered when writing novels:-

1.   Read other books in your genre
2.   Think about your audience – who are you writing for?
3.   The story must engage the reader
4.   Know your market – but don’t force yourself to write something to
match current trends – tastes change!
5.   Your writing has to hit the five senses – taste, smell, touch, sight and
6.   Write what you know – and if you don’t know it, accept that online research
will only get you so far. You’ll have to get out there and explore at
some point.
7.   Make sure your story is character-driven – the plot should form organically
8.   Show, don’t tell
9.   Draft, draft, draft
10. Edit, edit, edit!

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