What’s On Your Bookshelf? An interview with Crime Book Junkie, Noelle Holten

You know what it's like: sometimes there are just too many great stories to choose from, and you're left scratching your head thinking "What book should I read next?"

Well, I'm here to help! On the first Monday of every month, I’ll be interviewing a book reviewer who loves crime fiction and thrillers as much as I do.

We plan to explore the latest and best crime fiction and thriller novels, as well as taking a look at some older titles that you may have missed. Links to all the books we chat about are included for ease of reference.

My guest this month is Noelle Holten from Crime Book Junkie.

An avid reader and a brilliant supporter of authors and other book bloggers, Noelle is a former Senior Probation Officer.

I say “former” because Noelle joins the Bookouture team this month as PR & Social Media Manager, whilst also writing her first crime fiction novel.

Noelle and I have known each other on social media for a while, so when I decided to kick off this new feature on the blog, Noelle was an obvious choice to help me launch with style!

So, Noelle – let’s get on with the questions!

What are you currently reading?

Noelle Holten from Crime Book Junkie book review blog
Book cover of KJ Howe The Freedom Broker published by Headline and sold by Hachette Book Group

I’m currently reading K.J Howe’s The Freedom Broker and LOVING it!

I am on the blog tour for this book and my review will be posted July 25th

I bought this book when it was released for the Kindle so was thrilled to be approached for the blog tour. 

I love an action-thriller and throw a strong female lead into the mix – well I am hooked!

What’s new and caught your eye?

Oooh!  This is a tough question as there are so many that have caught my eye AND already been added to my TBR. 

Okay, I will choose one that I have pre-ordered and cannot wait to read!  Luca Veste’s The Bone Keeper!  I mean, with a blurb that starts like this:

He'll slice your flesh. Your bones he'll keep.

How could I not want to read this!?

Tell us about a book you’ve been wanting to read, but haven’t yet

This is an easy question because I am desperate to read my copy of Craig Russell’s The Long Glasgow Kiss.  After reading Lennox, the first book in the Lennox series, I was instantly hooked.

I met the author at Bloody Scotland last year, and bought this book so he could sign it!


Book cover image for Craig Russell The Long Glasgow Kiss crime fiction

Then with all the review requests that have been coming in, I just never managed to read it – but it is the top of my list as I am taking a wee break from review requests to work on my own novel – once the first rounds of edits are done….

Lennox will be right where he belongs…. top of the list, in my hands…. enjoying every page.  I bought the whole series so may just have to have a wee binge!

Book cover for Grahame Smith Snatched from Home published by Caffeine Nights Publishing
Paul Grzegorzek But for the Grace of God book cover

Finally, please tell us about an old favourite

This is where I cheat. 

I have two books which I have read numerous times, will read again and that I just love… love… love! 


They are: But for the Grace of God by the fabulously talented Paul Grzegorzek, and Snatched from Home by the ever-so-awesome Graham Smith.

Both books have just got under my skin.  Great stories, fantastic characters and …well….they just have stuck with me!

Noelle, thank you so much for joining me on the blog today so we could find out what’s on your bookshelf!

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