Three months into 2016, and it’s looking busy

Yes, I’ve been guilty of not posting anything here for over a month now, and I blame Dan Taylor!

At the beginning of March, I set out to write and publish the short story, The Legacy Device – a prequel to the first novel in the Dan Taylor seriesWhite Gold. It’s a story that had been going around in my head for a few months, and something I felt compelled to write because the opening scene to White Gold was so fraught.

The more news stories I read about foreign policy, defence strategies, and cyber-crime, the more I find layers I want to find out more about – I love researching my novels.

The Legacy Device also enabled me to explore the three central characters of the series – Dan, David Ludlow, and Mitch Frazer – in their original setting once more; and so yes, it was a little self-indulgent too.

Of course, in between all of this, I was also completing the fourth in the Dan Taylor series. DT4, as it’s affectionately known until I give my newsletter subscribers the first peek of the book cover in the coming days. DT4 was sent off to my editor last week.

With three Dan Taylor stories written in quick succession since last August, I find myself wanting to take a break from the series once more (nowhere near as long as last time, I promise!) to stretch my writing wings again.

So, right at this moment, I’m poring over my notes and extracts of stories I’ve jotted down ideas for, getting myself up to speed on some research, and will start to outline my next project in the coming days.

Yes, I did say on social media I was going to take a bit of time off before starting something new, but I love writing too much to actually stop completely – it’s just not in my nature!

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