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eBooks are available worldwide. The eBook files are delivered to you by BookFunnel, so if you have any technical questions, they are on hand to help you.

In addition, there are some very special box sets in the shop that you can’t purchase from any other retailers.

Print and large print paperbacks

The print bookshop is currently only available in USA and Canada. Print books are delivered to you direct from Ingrams, one of the biggest book distributors in the world.

You have the choice of two different sizes: 5 x 8” for everything except the English Spy Mysteries series 1 omnibus (which is 6 x 9”) and large print.

In addition, from time to time Rachel will feature some of her favourite reads by other authors, whose books you can also buy from this bookstore.


Audiobooks are available for the Detective Kay Hunter series, and the Dan Taylor espionage thrillers.

The audio bookshop is currently only available in the USA, Canada, and Australia, with other countries becoming available over the coming months.

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