Mystery Books

A detective is first on scene to a brutal murder, the victim’s body discovered in a darkened alleyway…

A private investigator is employed by a woman to locate her friend, now missing for more than a week…

A new DNA test reveals a killer may still be at large, thrusting a rookie police officer into a cold case mystery that will have ramifications beyond her own precinct…

I’ve always loved mystery novels, ever since picking up my first Famous Five book when I was about six years old and then quickly working my way through my grandad’s bookshelves teeming with mystery fiction as I grew older. In fact, he and I were still swapping books up until his last birthday, at the grand age of 102.

I try to make myself read the first few pages of a new mystery book slowly, sinking into the setting and atmosphere, trying to remember all the details because, surely, there’s an early clue in here? Surely there’s a way that I’ll figure out the person behind the crime before the big reveal near the end?

Often, I can’t and instead I lose myself amongst the red herrings and dead ends that the intrepid investigator (professional or otherwise) meets as, one by one, the clues are collated until a motive is uncovered and – at last! – the murderer, thief, or con artist – is unmasked and brought to justice.

Let’s delve into the mystery genre and see what we uncover, shall we?

What’s the difference between mystery and crime?

Michael Crichton

Angels Flight

Michael Connelly

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