Writing: Marketing Your Book – show notes 30/12/16

In our final segment, we take a look at how you can spread the word about your writing and you the author as a brand.

No matter whether you’re going to self-publish or aim to traditionally publish a book, you’re going to need an author brand.

What is an author “brand”?

This is what the public see about you the author. It can include:

  • A website and/or blog
  • Social media pages

Here are some tips to get you started



  • Lots of simple, free options available for website hosting to get you started
  • HOWEVER: don’t name the website the same name as your book. Use your author name or pseudonym – you’re going to be writing more than one book, right?
  • Keep it simple: a welcome page and a contact page are all you need to start off with. You can add pages as you become established.
  • Don’t start a blog unless you’ve got something to say: you need to be blogging regularly, a minimum of once a month to make it worth your while. Again, if it doesn’t feel like it’s right for you at the moment, don’t feel that you have to do it – your writing energy is better spent working on the next book

Social media

  • What are other authors in your genre doing?
    • E.g. if you’re writing young adult fantasy, Instagram might be a good social media platform for you, or Snapchat, whereas your potential readers probably don’t use Twitter
  • Many authors have a Facebook page – this is separate to a personal profile and is solely for the purpose of interacting with readers.
    • Again, take a look at what other authors in your genre are doing
  • Follow those authors on social media, and interact socially – don’t follow them and then immediately tell them you’re marketing your own book!
  • Follow book bloggers on social media – these are the people that might review your book, once you’ve built up a relationship with them. “Like” and comment on their posts so people become used to having you around – it doesn’t take long and you need only spend 10 minutes a day doing this (and after you’ve hit your word count for the day!)

The marketing secret weapon

The sooner you start a mailing list, the quicker you’ll build up a following.

  • Again, there are lots of free options out there – ask around, find out what your contacts are using.
  • To entice people to sign up, give away the first 1-3 chapters of your book. People like to receive something in return for handing over their email address.
  • Mailing list providers will enable you to do this automatically – it’s a “set and forget” function

​It’s up to you how often you email your subscribers – once a month is fine; once a week is too much. You might choose to email them only when you have some news about your book, or a special offer – it’s your choice.


Here are my book recommendations about the different aspects of book and author marketing:

How to Market a Book, by Joanna Penn

Create Your Author Platform, by Chuck Sambuchino


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