Avoiding another marketing nightmare

So, the final draft of my new suspense novel “Before Nightfall” is with the editor and it’s time to kick back and relax for a few weeks, right?


The novel is due for release at the beginning of June, so between now and then I have to get my marketing game on.

This is something I’ve learned since the release of my first two books – with “White Gold” I really didn’t have a clue, and with “Under Fire”, I left it to the last minute and to fate to create a buzz. And very nearly ended up with no sales at all.

Luckily both books have since become Amazon bestsellers, thanks to my network of social media buddies and readers alike who have helped spread the word around the globe.

This time, I made a conscious decision back in December to sit down and create a marketing plan for “Before Nightfall”. I come from a project management environment so I’ve used a similar work breakdown structure to develop this in an Excel chart. And you know what? It works.

Here’s what I’ve been up to over February and March. I can see what I need to do next at a glance so while I was waiting for my cover artwork I was busy putting the final edits together. While I’m waiting for my editor to provide feedback and guidance, I’m already busy marketing the cover through social media. Assigning ISBNs now means that I can upload the book to Goodreads now, so that people can add it to their “Want to Read” lists.

April sees me taking in edits and getting eBook files uploaded, as well as typesetting the paperback format. I know the release date is scheduled for the beginning of June, so I’m already speaking to my local bookshops (who are great by the way – thanks Angus & Robertson!). In addition, I’m eyeing up review websites, bloggers and previous interviewers who I’ll be contacting next month to offer giveaways in return for articles featuring the book.

The result? I’m less stressed, more organised and ready.

The final line item in the spread sheet simply reads “Write the next book!” – and that’s already underway.

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