Order Rachel’s books from a library

If you would like to read my books for free, then the only way to do this legally is to borrow them from a library.

Libraries are great because they support authors by buying our books and lending them to readers.

Libraries support readers by making thousands of books available via free online apps or in print and large print.

How to order my books from your library

A simple way to request that your library stock my books is to use my Library Form.

This can be used in any country, for any book format.

Once you’ve printed out the form:

  1. Complete the steps on the covering letter to indicate which format of book you’d like (you can choose from audiobook, eBook, print or large print)
  2. Tick the boxes on pages 2 and 3 to let the library know which books you’d like to read
  3. Take the completed form to your local library and hand it over, leaving your details so the librarians can tell you as soon as the book(s) is available.

I’ll update the form every time I have a new release, so just check back here to download the latest version.

Moreover, it’s great if you do this because it supports me as a writer. Libraries not only pay to buy the book but here in the UK (and in some other countries), authors are paid a few pennies every time that book is borrowed.

Aren’t libraries great?

If you haven’t yet discovered your local library or one of the free library apps such as BorrowBox, Hoopla, or Libby take a look at the book pages here on my website for the relevant links.


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