Kay Hunter’s next investigation, CrimeFest and more

It's been a very busy few weeks since my last update, so click on the video below to hear all my latest news and details about how to win prizes on the release of the new Kay Hunter investigation, Gone to Ground.


  1. What a great blog this was. Seeing flash backs of your trip to the uk was nice as it reminded me of what a great evening it was at Canterbury.

    Thw way you have given Kay a stable supportive home life with Adam, the way she is not a has been detective i think makes the series such a refreshing change from many other crime novel series by other authors.

    What is strange is how the new book starts off with reference to the Tour De France which started on Saturday 7th and the book came out on the 8th. Masterstroke. I was a marshall in 2007 when the TDF came to the uk and what a great experience it was and to see this reference made me smile like a cheshire cat.

    I look forwrd to reading Gone To Ground
    and wait egerly for the next one.



    • Thank you, Richard – it was great to finally meet in person at Waterstones Canterbury and I’m glad you’re enjoying Gone to Ground!

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