Kay Hunter cover reveal and Kickstarter launch

I’m delighted to show you the cover for the next Kay Hunter book today, as well as sharing how you can read the book FOUR WEEKS before it’s published on 8 February 2022!

What’s it about?

When a brutal attack on a business owner is followed by a suspicious death, the police first suspect the beginning of a new underworld drugs war.

Then a second victim is found dead, and the truth starts to look like something much worse.

With the death toll rising and her career under scrutiny from the media and her own superiors, Kay Hunter is running out of time to unravel the deadly secrets hiding behind ruthless ambition and treachery.

But Kay isn’t going to give up easily.

Because this time, the first victim is closer to home…

Want to read A Lethal Deception FOUR WEEKS before everyone else?

To end 2021 – my 10th publishing year – with a bang, I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign today that gives backers the chance to read the new Kay Hunter book FOUR WEEKS before the official publication day of 8 February 2022.

Everyone who backs the campaign at the $6 reward tier or above will receive a copy of A Lethal Deception if the campaign funds!

And there’s more…

At the slightly higher reward tier of $10, you will also receive early access to TWO new Case Files short stories before they’re published: The Man Cave (pub. January 2022) and A Dirty Business (pub. March 2022).

There’s even a reward tier that gives you the opportunity to have a 30 minute Zoom chat with me about books, writing – anything you like! This is LIMITED to 3 backers, so please pledge early to avoid disappointment.

WARNING: you’ve only got until Tuesday, 23 November 2021 to back the Kickstarter campaign and help me reach its funding goal – if the campaign doesn’t fund, you keep your pledge and I don’t release the book early to backers.

Why am I doing a Kickstarter campaign?

I’m doing this Kickstarter campaign because:

  • I want to give YOU the chance to read the book before it’s available on retailer sites
  • I love this series and want to keep writing it for a long time, but that means I need to find new readers – Kickstarter helps with that
  • Kickstarter doesn’t take a big scoop off my earnings like Amazon and other retailers do – you’re helping me as an author by backing this campaign
  • It helps me get early reviews for A Lethal Deception and the short stories on Goodreads, which again helps me find new fans for Kay Hunter

What this Kickstarter campaign ISN’T

  • An advanced readers copy – this is the final book, the same that will be published!
  • Shareable – if you decide you’d love to back my campaign, please don’t share the book when you receive it in January. That's illegal under copyright law, and doesn’t help me as an author!
  • Exclusive to Kickstarter – if you don’t back the campaign, you’ll still be able to buy it through my website store and the usual retailers as well as borrow it for free from libraries when it’s published on 8 February 2022

There is no risk to you

If I don’t hit my funding goal, you keep the money you’ve pledged because I won’t be sending out any rewards.

How can you help?

I would really love to release A LETHAL DECEPTION early to backers so please share this news update, look out for my social media posts between now and 23 November and share them like crazy!

The more people who back the campaign at £6 or above, the more chance I have of reaching my funding goal.

Where can you sign up and back the Kickstarter campaign?

Click here to find out more, including the answers to many common questions about how Kickstarter works, what the rewards are, and how YOU can pledge to receive your early copy of A LETHAL DECEPTION.

I’ll keep you posted over the next two weeks about how the campaign is going, along with more exciting news I have for you regarding the Mark Turpin series!

Thank you, as always, for your tremendous support.