Queensland Writers Week: Day 6

It’s the final push this weekend to hit my 10,000 word target and it’s been a very productive day – 2,106 words! I also managed to fit in a couple of hours’ research […]

Queensland Writers Week: Day 5

On Day 1, I did have a moment of ‘what have I done?!’ but, looking back at this point, I’m really glad I took up this challenge. I’ve done another 983 words today […]

Queensland Writers Week: Day 4

AlmostĀ at the halfway mark now – another 1,042 words today and things are hotting up in the sequel! Not only have I got a step closer to my 10,000 word target for the […]

Forensic advice from an expert

I received an email from Tom Adair yesterday. Tom is a retired, internationally recognized, forensic scientist/CSI in Colorado (US). Tom recently launched an informative blog (http://forensics4fiction.wordpress.com). He explains the basics of forensics for […]