Two FBI thrillers

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This box set edition includes action packed stories Before Nightfall and Mistake Creek

"The plot is bang up to date!" - Goodreads

Here's what you'll find in the box set:

Before Nightfall

When Kate Foster secures a lucrative new job, her boss insists that she undertake a pre-deployment security and hostage survival course – a course that’s not meant to be easy, and one that Kate almost fails, to the consternation of her instructor.

Six months later, Kate is working in Istanbul when a simple day’s task goes horribly wrong. Kidnapped and held hostage by a group of violent criminals, Kate must recall the lessons she learned during her security training in order to stay alive while she hopes for rescue.

Mistake Creek

Nina O’Brien returns to the small town of Mistake Creek after ten years in a race against time to protect her father’s business from an incoming storm so it can be sold to pay for his urgent medical treatment. As flood warnings echo over the radio and the storm breaks with enormous force across the tiny Californian community, Nina is joined by others seeking shelter from the onslaught.

When a ruthless killer is exposed among the small group, Nina is thrust into a deadly conspiracy involving a military veteran seeking revenge and an FBI agent desperate to prevent a catastrophic terrorism threat.

"Action-packed thrillers that barrel along at an astonishing pace" - Goodreads

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