Official Reading Guide and Checklist

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The ONLY official guide to the Dan Taylor spy thrillers, Detective Kay Hunter series, English Spy Mysteries and standalone novels by Rachel Amphlett

Rachel Amphlett is a prolific crime fiction and spy novelist who has written three popular series – the Detective Kay Hunter novels, the English Spy Mysteries and the Dan Taylor spy thrillers, as well as a number of standalone books.

This FREE official guide contains a list of Rachel Amphlett’s books in series order and by publication date, and includes exclusive excerpts from each book. You can keep this official free guide on your device or app and use to track your reading.

This official guide covers:

A list of novels by Rachel Amphlett in publishing order
A list of novels by Rachel Amphlett in series order
Exclusive excerpts (with no spoilers) from each of Rachel’s novels

This official free guide contains exclusive excerpts from:

The Detective Kay Hunter series
The Dan Taylor spy thriller series
The English Spy Mysteries series
Standalone titles

This is the only official guide to Rachel Amphlett’s novels you’ll ever need – and it’s completely free.

Also available: Free Official Audiobook Guide and Sampler


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