Detective Kay Hunter

Collected Short Stories Volume 1

Discover three short stories featuring Detective Kay Hunter in this page-turning collection of crime thrillers.

Nowhere to Run

When a series of vicious attacks leaves the local running community in shock and fear, newly qualified detective Kay Hunter is thrust into the middle of a fraught investigation.

Blood on Snow

A suburban housewife is found dead in her garden. There is no weapon, no witnesses, and the only set of footprints belong to her cat.

Probationary detective Kay Hunter and her colleagues are convinced it’s murder – but how can they find a killer when there are no clues?

A Burning Question

When a fire deliberately destroys a boat, nearly killing the occupant, Kay Hunter and her colleagues suspect a serial arsonist is targeting a small community of river dwellers.

With another man dead and people fearing for their lives, Kay is desperate to stop a killer who shows no sign of stopping...


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"Quick, action packed thrillers that fans of the kay Hunter series are going to love"