Rachel Amphlett's Books in Order

Below is a listing of Rachel Amphlett’s books in order of publication. Information about these novels, including descriptions, is accessible by clicking on a novel's title. Note: The year of each novel’s original publication is in parenthesis next to the title.

The Detective Kay Hunter series

  1. Scared to Death (2016)
  2. Will to Live (2017)
  3. One to Watch (2017)
  4. Hell to Pay (2017)
  5. Call to Arms (2018)
  6. Gone to Ground (2018)
  7. Bridge to Burn (2019)
  8. Cradle to Grave (2019)
  9. Turn to Dust (2020)
  10. A Darker Place (2021)
  11. A Lethal Deception (2022)
  12. The Dying Season (2023)
  13. A Deadly Promise (2024)

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The Detective Mark Turpin series

  1. None the Wiser (2020)
  2. Her Final Hour (2020)
  3. The Lost Boy (2021)
  4. A Silent Truth (2022)
  5. Cover the Bones (2023)

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The Dan Taylor series

  1. The Legacy Device (short story prequel) (2016)
  2. White Gold (2011)
  3. Under Fire (2013)
  4. Three Lives Down (2015)
  5. Behind the Wire (2016)

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Eva Delacourt thriller series

  1. Assassins Hunted (2018, republished 2020)
  2. Assassins Rogue (2021)

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Standalone novels

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Case Files short stories

  • Nowhere to Run (2020)
  • Blood on Snow (2020)
  • The Reckoning (2021)
  • The Beachcomber (2021)
  • The Man Cave (2022)
  • A Dirty Business (2022)
  • The Last Super (2022)
  • Special Delivery (2022)
  • A Pain in the Neck (2022)
  • Something in the Air (2022)
  • A Grave Mistake (2022)
  • The Last Days of Tony MacBride (2022)
  • The Moment Before (2022)
  • All Night Long (2022)

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Where to start? 

If you’re new to Rachel’s books, she has these suggestions on where to start:

  • If you love action-packed fast paced spy thrillers, try White Gold or Assassins Hunted
  • If you love political and conspiracy thrillers, give the standalone thriller Look Closer a read
  • If you’re after gripping serial killer thrillers and a no-nonsense female lead, start with the first book in the Detective Kay Hunter series, Scared to Death
  • If you love crime thrillers but you’re looking for a male lead, try the first book in the Detective Mark Turpin series, None the Wiser
  • Pushed for time? Try one of the Case Files short stories such as Nowhere to Run

Recommended reading order for Kay Hunter books

Although later books in the series can be read as standalone crime thrillers, Rachel recommends reading books 1-5 in the series in order because there’s an underlying story arc that underpins the series. If you decide to start somewhere in the middle, then Gone to Ground is a good choice because this can be read as a true standalone story.

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Still undecided?

Here’s a quick description about a couple of the series to help you decide.

Detective Kay Hunter:

This exciting Kent-based police series is enthralling murder mystery readers with its fast-paced and gripping storylines that provide a modern twist to the police procedural crime thriller genre.

The series features a cast of engaging supporting characters who work with Kay Hunter to seek justice for victims of crime. The series begins with Scared to Death, a page-turning police drama that introduces readers to Kay Hunter – a detective with a hidden past and an uncertain future.


Dan Taylor spy thrillers:

The Dan Taylor spy novel series takes the reader under cover with a group of men tasked by the British secret service to protect the country's energy supplies - whatever it takes.

International settings and colourful characters bring the world of modern counter-terrorism and cyber security to life, exploring complex technology while providing an adrenalin-fuelled reading experience.

Fans have compared the series to novels by Robert Ludlum, Michael Crichton and Lee Child, while the San Francisco Book Review advised readers to “be prepared for some extra time on your hands - you won't want to put this down!”