Timely inspiration

So, I’m at the pointy end of the first draft now and just as I was wondering how to keep the momentum going, along comes Genrecon!

I’m travelling down to Sydney for the Saturday sessions –three workshops, a wealth of advice from established authors and publishing experts and the opportunity to catch up with some writing friends. Sounds perfect.

I attended two workshops through Queensland Writers Centre in September and this sort of thing really does spur my writing on – I think it’s due to the infectious enthusiasm you find in a room full of writers all talking about their own projects. You realise that you’re not the only one banging your head against the wall for a start, and often a chance conversation results in
some amazing results. I was so inspired by the QWC workshops that I wrote solidly for three weeks afterwards, so after Genrecon I could have enough to keep me going through to Christmas and the finished tome!

If you’re heading to Parramatta for Genrecon on 3 November and you spot me, come and say ‘hi’.

I’ll see you there!

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