Plot maps (or how to avoid the plot holes in the road…)

I’ve decided to publish White Gold myself as an eBook because I found I couldn’t get stuck in to the next project until I’d let the first novel go. Sort of like closing the door on it, then moving on.

I’m finding the writing flowing a lot faster on this new novel – probably helped by the fact that this time around, I have a good plot outline so I can just write to that.

With White Gold, I spent a lot of time writing but it wasn’t until about half way through that I mapped out the story. I then had to change a lot of the text around to get it into order – and that meant dumping a load of stuff I’d written and having to start again because it just didn’t fit any more.

With  the next book, I’m able to go where my mood takes me – if I’m not inspired at the front end of the story, I can write words around a scene I’ve mapped out near the end. It ensures that whatever happens, I’m writing something. Highly recommend trying it yourself.

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