A blog revived…

After an 11 month hiatus, I’ve finally kicked off my blog again.

So, why stop in the first place?

In all honesty, I’d lost sight of why I was blogging. I was reading too much ‘advice’ about what I should be blogging and trying to keep everyone happy – and I wasn’t. I was worrying too much about what to write on my blog, and that was preventing me from doing any real writing.

I’d set myself the goal of publishing three books over the course of 2015, and on top of a full-time job, something had to give. (It wasn’t going to be the job – we’ve been renovating a house all year as well!)​

So, why start again?

I’ve missed it, simple as that. My blog is somewhere I can share news and ideas, pass on things I’m learning, and include things that don’t ‘fit’ on social media, or in my monthly newsletter (which I tend to keep to a short length because, hey, we all have too many emails to read already, right?).

In addition, my attitude towards writing has changed. I’m more disciplined, so I hit my word count every day before doing anything else with regard to the ‘business’ side of writing. And the house renovations are finished!​

Stay tuned for a full update over the course of the next week, and in the meantime if you want to get in touch, please use the contact form – I try to respond to all emails within 48 hours.​​​​​​

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