Author interview: November 2017

Welcome to a new feature – an Author Q&A where YOU provide the questions!

Every month, I'll go through all the comments on here, my YouTube channel and emails to answer your queries. If you've got a question you'd like to ask me, you can write to me here.


  1. What anfantastic blog thingy. Good to put a face and voice to your name. Great to see your screensaver on your Mac really good.

    Made me laugh when you said you were not good at cooking, that’s because you are busy writing books, more Kay hunters on the way and others in the pipeline.

    It would be good if when you are back home to Maidstone and good old Blighty if you could do a book signing author event etc . Im sure there would,be a great response to get the chance to see and hear you talk about you books.

    So a question. Not having read all the books yet have you or will you cover the subject of environmental crime considering kay’s other half is a vet ?

    Keep up the good work.



    • Thanks, Richard – rest assured, you and all my Readers Group will be the first to know if I’m able to sort out an author event in or near Maidstone next year! As for an environmental theme, I’m not sure at the moment as I’m working through a list of case ideas for Kay, but I will let you know if that changes!

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